Is Osita a ‘Good Girl’?

Osita confirms that she is indeed a ‘Good Girl.’  Read More

Super Furry Heroes

  Super Puppy in repose after an exhausting day saving the universe from evil ticks and distemper!     The intrepid trio ready to defend all that is good and just.           Wile. E. demonstrates her flying position.  Read More

Osita’s ‘No-Time’ on Showtime

Osita shows her great disappointment at her Showtime audition debut being shelved.    Read More

Next SVA On-Location Drawing Class: Coney Island

Our first On-location Drawing Class was a tour of the High Line. Next week we’ll be going to Coney Island! Kelynn’s SVA On-Location Drawing class on the High Line!  Read More

A completely Text-based Post

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